Links for arduino starter kits!

For each of US, UK and International I’ve chosen 3 differently priced kits, ranging from around $10 to about $40, you get a lot more modules with the more expensive kits so they’ll last you much longer, however the cheaper kits are just fine too. All the links below are ebay affiliate links so I’ll get a small kickback when you purchase using these links at no cost to you :3

US (ebay):
(Just the basics – $15)
(Comes with more modules – $25)
(Best Value – $39)

UK (ebay):
(Just The basics – £14.95)
(Comes with more modules – £23)
(Best Value – £38)

International (cheapest) (ebay):
(Just The Basics – $11.98)
(Comes with more modules – $19.98)
(Best Value – $37.49)